Using well made, reliable, and sturdy components is the key to a great lawn irrigation system. We know the investment you're making when you choose to have a lawn irrigation system installed on your property, that's why we insist on installing only the best quality components we can find.

Some competitors may skimp on components such as rotors, valves, and sprinkler heads in an attempt to lower the quote estimate. At Al Mezhar Landscaping L.L.C., we won't do that. We insist on high quality parts and components because well made parts work better, last longer and remain reliable. That's why we use parts and components by RainBird, Hunter etc and similar vendors with a reputation for quality.

We believe installing quality parts maximizes your investment in the long run. You want a system that will last, year after year. Take a look at what you get with an irrigation system installed by us and see the difference Al Mezhar Landscaping L.L.C. makes for yourself.

Hard Landscaping

The hard landscaping of your garden is as important as the trees and shrubs. We provide a wide range of services in Hard Landscaping from beautiful Stone work, Wooden decking, Gazebo, Pergola, Rockery and much more. It will make a more formal effect to your garden, our craftsmen will execute all aspects of the hard landscaping element of the design to a standard second to none.

We know that our strength lies in being able to provide you with a project managed total service.

Soft landscaping

Achieve the garden of you dream by adding colors to it and give your garden different shapes and types.From lush green Lawns to plantation of various types of Trees,Plants Flowers etc.

Swimming Pool,Waterfall, Fountain and Water Feature

Delight in the mesmerizing sound of your cascading swimming pool, waterfall, fountain and all sort of water feature the reflection of blue sky on the shimmering pond surface. This luxury of emperors, a water garden, can be added for very competitive price than you would imagine and with minimal maintenance.

Adding Swimming Pool Waterfall, Fountain and Water Feature is one of the most rewarding home improvements you will ever complete, which are custom built from natural stones and fiber glass that stand the harsh weather. Enjoy countless hours of peaceful contemplation beside your own water garden.

Lawn and Plantation

Achieve the garden of your dream by adding colors to it and give your garden different shapes and types.

Landscape Maintenance

Al Mezhar Landscaping’s professional Maintenance can give your property a professionally manicured appearance. This improvement to the health and beauty of your landscape will enhance the value of your investment.

Al Mezhar Landscaping services can be tailored to fit most landscaping projects both private and commercial.

These services include:

  • Full-service maintenance programs
  • Lawn mowing, edging and aeration
  • Lawn and ornamental bed fertilization and weed control
  • Fertilizations and pesticide applications
  • Custom pruning, seasonal cleanups and renovations
  • Seasonal color

Swimming pool Maintenance

Al Mezhar Landscaping's professional maintenance can give your property aprofessionally manicured appearance.This Improvement to the health and beauty of swimming pool will enhance the value of your investment.

Al Mezhar Landscaping services can be tailored to fit most swimming pool projects both private and commercial.

These services include:

  • Full-service maintenance programs
  • Water testing liter,PH Plus, PH Minus, chlorine,coffer Algaecide etc.
  • Brushing all the tile
  • Vaccuming
  • Checking the filter and filtering pump algae control
Outdoor Planting

We take bulk orders on all sorts of Flowers, Plants and Trees from Seasonal flowers to Palm Trees can be delivered straight to your garden with plantation by our profession gardeners in a very competitive price.

Design Services

Creating Signature Landscape

The Al Mezhar Landscaping design team turns ideas into reality . Whether it is new foundation planting, the creation of outdoor living space or solving a site-spcific environmental problem, our staff of highly motivated individiuals is here to help .Begining with a concept and ending with an elephant landscape, our staff of designers and craftmen will work to exceed your expectations.

Japanese garden

A Japanese garden is not only a place for the cultivation of trees and flowering shrubs, but one that provides secluded leisure, rest, repose, meditation and sentimental pleasure. The Garden speaks to all the senses not just to the mind alone.


Garden Lighting & Outdoor Lighting

Over the last few years, the media has enhanced the importance of the garden with programmes such as 'Home Front in the garden' and 'Small Town gardens'.

However, outdoor lighting used to involve purchasing a 500watt halogen security light or the large PAR 38 fittings.In those days garden lighting was not about creativity but 'bleaching' the whole garden.

Al Mezhar Landscaping L.L.C has moved garden lighting and landscape lighting design into 21st century where appreciation of ones garden can be enjoyed right through the evening.
A garden without lighting is like sitting without the lights;it's worth thinking about.

Al Mezhar Landscaping L.L.C not only takes great care in designing a plan for the garden but also uses top quality light fittings, which not only add illumination but style and elegance. the quality of the outdoor lighting fixtures is extremely important, whether they are LED lights or a low voltage spike spots,it is vital that you choose an outdoor light fitting that is going to last. from lighting trees, shrubs, steps, Paths,patios,ponds,pergolas,summerhouses,drives etc. we can make your garden come to life.

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